Occupational Pension Transfers

Final salary pension scheme members are attracted to the concept of “owning” their own pension fund, benefiting from it throughout life and then pass the fund to their spouse and then children on death. The fund can become a family legacy asset benefiting more than one generation as it does not “die with you”.

Occupational Pension Scheme Transfers is a complex area requiring specialised qualified advice. For a firm to be able to advise on pension transfers they must hold the appropriate Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) permissions.

The pension transfer must be undertaken by an individual who is deemed to be a pension transfer specialist. To achieve this status, the adviser must have passed the relevant examinations and therefore hold the appropriate qualifications.

Our Pension Transfer Team hold the appropriate professional qualifications and have a wealth of experience of helping clients transfer their Occupational Pension scheme.  We’ll take the time to understand your circumstances and help you choose arrangements that best suit your needs.

Our Pension Transfer Team can:

  • Provide a full and detailed report regarding deferred company pension scheme benefits.
  • Provide a comparison of the projected benefits at retirement.
  • Provide a comparison of benefits available on death both pre-and post-retirement.
  • Provide a calculation of the annual rate of growth or critical yield required to match the value of the benefits that would have been available in the existing scheme.
  • Explore and explain the advantages and disadvantages of any potential transfer.
  • Assess your attitude to risk in conjunction with the suitability of the transfer.
  • Research all the market, as we are an independent firm, to find the provider best suited to your needs if this is appropriate.

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